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How to Learn From Results And Discard With ‘Failure’

Success & failure are vital concepts for effective learning, realistic progression and personal meaning.

Success/ failure is also amirage. Either view can compromise peace, they often do because they are concepts derived from external validation.

Peace is not a goal, place or target. Peace is love. Inner peace teaches us wisdom is to learn from results and discard with failure.

Little individual accomplishments can seem insignificant. In fact when added together they create massive unstoppable momentum. We are changing the future now because momentum is not just speed, it is kinetic energy, it is velocity – movement in a given direction – life is all about direction.

Create a 1 degree course alteration today and in a short time, you are on a completely different tragectory.

Eftort generates outcome always, a result is an option. Assess the results to decide which of the following might be best;

• learn to improve direction of future efforts with same standarda.

• learn to improve standards of future efforts in the same direction.

The two options are both hugely forward, critical thoughts that can only lead to elivation of standards.

Results always give valuable insight into the reality of what is needed to transfrom effort into accomplishment because we are always presented with two options for valuable learning experience. Both options turn noise into traction and ‘failure’ into leverage.

If you are eager for growth, you must know how to learn from results and discard with failure. Your many little steps are great, however if you are honest and ambitious, you will eagerly write down many, many groundbreaking plans for the future. Things that you would love to do for maximum propulsion forward. We know from past experience things change or get lost in the ether so have many steps and just get as close to 100% completion rate.

Don’t focus on the bigger picture its form changes over timr, it’s all about concentrating on the method – small daily things – that add up to create unstoppable momentum.

In time you will notice a fantastic map appearing dynamically before your very hands. Not just any normal map. A map and analysis of your projects development.

For you, this is my simple opinion.


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