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The stairs

Lewis saw her just standing there atop the staircase.
‘Wtf are you doing Emma?’
He scorned from below.

Happy with its days progress, Emmas soul kindly suggests Emmas ears cool down. Emma loosens a lion heart’s grasp on strong hands to whisper a welcome, silent; “hi” to a deeper self.

White Energy in this exquisite body subtely intense. Emmas neat and balanced toes spread thick cream carpet – feeling this floor melts her mountain top of toil – evening ploys defiant amber yawns.

New energy from somewhere timeless, a sensation. Slowly one alluring step stimulates another. Sentient subconscious satietion. Calm descending cadence hush him left hush him right, a tiniest of bumps. Bump down bump down bump down bump down bump down.

Lewis sighs and gives up eye contact feeling he may drown in those green pools at any moment. He walks away into his spacious kitchen.

‘Babe, where are you going?’ Emma probes lustily after him.

‘Come and have a drink’ Lewis calls out pouring everyone a sweet cherry wine. ‘We are listening to music.’

At the bottom of his stairs she feels her electric walm blood, feels this pleasure bare foot- warming carpet cushioning cloud to shivering smooth slate space, cozy comfort to crisp cold- these were the moments that made Emma feel, perhaps not alive (she mostly felt very alive) but something else.

Something like contrast. Sharper the better she thinks.

Pivoting clockwise past his porch she somehow notes but doesn’t notice tidy luivuton shoes, dry Fendi umbrellas, Burberry jackets and Canada goose coats.


Emma stops, stopped because that invisible mystical elastic fantastic string, stretched Its length, and tugged at her heart.

Energycord makes her switch.

She must have limits but finds it impossible to know where they are, until she gets there. Which is mostly never.

Emma knows the power of silence, the power of the universe in her breath of microcosm. She feels her two deep green pools of love above her beautiful, perfect nose, blink silently.

But Emma is so different she just lives loud, apparently ignorant of the big things because, everybody like her parents and teachers presumably predict they made sense to her – she was gravity after all – they didn’t, she simply has faith and intuition and feels a flow.

She has no questions yet immeasurable trust in the stars – as though they watch her kindly – only viewing them within, is unknown for her.

As the world begins to collapse, she isn’t yet noticing the pain he feels, she feels that something wants her to act.

Sight can be limiting infront of information, pixels and words of confusion, untrustworthy, pacifying words of surrogate activities unmask subtleties.

It is stopping her because it could quite easily do so.

She could feel something, she is feeling, him?.

But how is Emma to know the full story? She is happy with her teenage days until she isn’t, that’s all she is let know.

Do, is a thing, entirely different.

Thier string is tugging.

She flys full speed this time, pivoting anticlockwise faster than M.Jordan. Emma’s swinging back past his porch this time leaning on and swinging from (for speed & leverage) the white painted wooden vertical end banister that marks the finish of the long smooth black painted horizontal banister rail, leading up this wide, thick carpeted staircase adorned with others family photos and small succulent plants.

Her luscious blonde hair centrifuges horizontally.

She doesn’t even recognise the absolute insanity of her sheer exsertion. Why? ‘Why so fast?’ Her friends must be thinking. ‘For what?’ The wooden stairs suffering audible hardship. Cracks and groans. Emma bounds her greatest leap, her tallest plunge to where she once came.

Four stairs at a time.

For what she leaps is his purpose.

Light speed slows down, something invisible becomes unstoppable, motion is immovable, rounding that corner, an itch changes everything, why is she rushing? She doesn’t care to ask, guided by instinct. There is no sign of danger, everything is quietly in its place. Yet she is supersonic right now.

Across the landing, she melts again, back through her bedroom aperture, the solid oak door quietly brushing against that lush carpet.

In her bedroom

Its horrifying, yet she does not allow one single zeptosecond of shock.

What she sees is immobilizing, yet she does not allow herself to pause. What she sees is painful stabbing evidence, a moment of eternal agony, but she allows only compassion.

Emma has never seen or heard anything even remotely similar, and she’s been through hell and back already.

She hasnt the choice of panic. A call for help is completely out of the question, she is definitely speechless, will she ever speak again?. The absence of adrenaline, or at least the ability to perceive its rush.

Sensation – It’s some how – disconnected.

What’s shockingly obvious is, he isn’t breathing.

Emmas new son Jamie is in a violent battle, desperately grappling for air.

He’s being strangled.

Strangled to death by.. the very food he needed to grow. The very substance he had earlier so emphatically cried out for. He is involuntarily arching his back now, horrifically convulsing. Head spinning from wall to wall. Eyes wide with terror as a drowning soul silently yells out.

Tooth pick arms and chop stick legs flailing.

He is forcefully petrified. At just a couple of months he knows he cant breath, he knows the one thing he has learnt to do in life so well so far, is scarely stolen from him.


Jamie feels his short life slipping away. “Where is that giant?! ” he must be thinking..

Jamie lay wretched fearfully choking on his vomit. It was rising, bubbling, frothing up now as Emma entered the room, it washed over his little face, covering his small symmetrical nose, covering those perfect, perky cheeks, those chubby kissable cheeks.

Emma had just kissed and stroked and talked to him for hours, burping as the nurse tought. Still that sticky sick was pouring upwards as his little body arched. The putrid grey slop framing those beautiful green eyes, globbing down the sides of his face like thick lumpy cementing tears.

Baby Jamie’s eyes desperately blinked with no rhythm, a sputtering new engine misfiring.

His eyes, darting all around at tremendous speed. His eyes gaping windows to a lost soul, a soul that knew it must find another. He couldn’t breath on his back through his airways for the vomit, never mind see properly, did he know she had arrived?.

He couldn’t make a sound beyond the soft brushes of microscopic fingers on fabric cot sides.

His delicate body twisting, wretching helplessly. Jamie was drowning in his own sick, alone.

Blinking like crazy. Silently he lay braking. Silently Emma steps forward.

Jamie is feeling abanded yet was left for a short moment, the shortest of moments, but he needs intervention this second.

Emma swiftly yet calmly, gently put her powerfully elegant hand behind her boys thin neck, lifting his premature body up and forward. Immediately, delicately Emma removed those thin hollow plastic tubes – the nnu kindly provided – from her babies cute button nose, gently squeezing his little nostrils to clear the blockage. The smell now undeniable evidence to Emma of what was in fact happening to them both. She was saving his life.

But still he couldn’t breath. He slowly wriggles in silence, less desperately now. Unable to fight for life much longer. Almost a bluish purple.

A baby wriggling silently, no laughs, no cries. It’s the spookiest thing.

Emma leant her precious blob forward to clear his throat, consciously patting his back she heard a noise, he started to cough, he coughs. He’s crying and they both take their first breath in what felt like years, together.

Something operating through this 17 year old biological machine.

Wiping his eyes and face. Emma watches her scarred arms and wrists, she watches her feminine hands and light fingers as though they are really hers for the first time. As though she had never even experienced limbs of love before. Has she been reborn? His eyes still popping with dread. Darting left to right.

Shhhhhhh. Baba it’s OK sssshhhhhhh baba mummys here baba shhhhh. It’s alright.


Blockchain Crushes Consumerism Crisis.

A brief indulgent moment – envisioning the perfect object – our minds eye imagination knows no peak.

That being said, over 70 years have passed since psychoanalysis has been in the driving seat of advertisement. 

Let’s be fully conscious consumers.

How is blockchain crushing the consumerism crisis?

Photo by David Gray

No shipping C02 footprint

The best consumers spend across the globe yet this creates an obvious problem, transportation.

Digital asset collectors know they can window shop 24/7 with free delivery to the office or home within seconds.

OK admittedly, GPU’s have to come from somewhere, yet, most people have a smartphone or laptop or both already. I am personally using an old but awesome $400 laptop to create and collect NFT’s.

It’s possible to trade, gift and shop globally, partially satisfying our consumer demand whilst leaving secluded tribes and natural resources in tact.

It’s Our Nature.

Feelings of security, self worth and personal productivity discourage consumerism.

On the other hand those who chronically doubt themselves are more likely to be materialistic.

Without going into the well documented psychology of why people buy, or what motivates many to over or unconsciously consume, we can easily comprehend the way we feel, is greatly impacting how we might circulate our funds. Perhaps we desire to access specific communities.

Gift from an amazing NFT community

Direct interaction with the artist/ producer.

Gatekeepers have dissolved to a degree. The music industry will never be the same. Popular influencers/ creators are directly interacting with and building their audience (often young) with no middle entity.

Many youtube creators still source or supply cheap collectables (merch) so that fans can show love. Yet with NFTs fans are supporting that valued creator transparently, directly, seamlessly providing authenticity.

I recently asked 3 of my awesome twitter followers (thank-you btw you’re awesome!) what do people want from shopping?

Here are some shortened answers; ‘We want to feel the happiness of giving, we want to order online, we want to have something personally customised, we want goodies made by our favourite influencers. We want to be part of something.’

It’s fair to say that as human beings we all like to shop for ourselves or others. Memberships and clubs create recognisable unity. Being part of a circle of like minds is wonderful in making us feel value/belonging. We can easily provide help and add value to others, creating a prosperous environment.


Digital assets replace bulky physical objects.

We want We need to know that our indulgence or gifts do not harm other human beings. Our planet should not be irresponsibly damaged beyond repair. We need to know most of our collected objects are locally sourced or transported effortlessly.

Consuming won’t stop anytime soon, even if we all feel great and everybody loves everybody all the time! I honestly don’t think consumerism is evil atall, just suboptimal.

Ever visited an art gallery without leaving home? How about this Paper Buddha tribute gallery or this one.

Meeting demand

Many of us crave that great feeling of joy when we share, create and give, to last beyond endless cardboard boxes, bubblewrap, styrofoam plastic and poor working conditions behind the scenes.

Blockchain allows anyone to create a digital asset (NFT). An owner can then relate to the audience their project’s purpose or exclusive information.

As collectors become interested and perhaps buy a piece of art, no shipping needs to take place. Digital art, fractionalised property or business rights, gaming characters, music and books are delivered authentically, immediately during the transaction.

Limiting supply chain stress.

Looking into areas of our consumption. Say, gift giving or hobby collecting or community incentives or merch. These areas highlight opportunities for changing systems to perform outstandingly better with the fresh perspective of youth! Not just for better business but for better environments, for a clear conscience.

It’s important we get it right as our consciousness elevates.

Online industries continue to explode. We capitalise on past errors of our ways by consciously choosing which creators to support, and how to show that love most effectively. Furthermore we are actively knowing more (everything) about what is actually happening when we make an order. (Think supply chain and effects of cheap labour, perhaps overseas, can we really justify the shipping/ labour?)

Will this purchase align with my beliefs about the world? Why exsactly am I making this purchase and what chain of events will happen when I do?



How blockchain crushes consumerism crisis depends on which blockchain is being used with which upgrades. For simplicity I’ll gratefully highlight my favourite, Tezos. Tezos is recognised as the cleanest and greenest blockchain.

Tezos hosts work by reliable artists.

Tens of thousands of customers and merchants interacting with no environmental destruction simply beats weak link hiding, pollutant pumping, fossil fuel burning, ecology destroying, typically toxic supply chains, by a lot! 

Unlimited cross border community building with a carbon print of just 17 people is crushing the consumerism crisis.

It’s a win-win because not only is consuming NFTs way less environmentally destructive, we know from experience people consume healthier as a whole, when they feel good, part of a healthy group with aligned vision perhaps.

Smarter people than me are building decentralised tools for the betterment of humanity, making those tools sharper and faster every day. We should embrace and remember fear is simply false evidence appearing rEaL.

It’s obvious sending an NFT is waaay more cool, fast, secure and fun than waiting two weeks for a China amazon impulse buy. Nine year old me may have disagreed yet times are changing..

Nine year old me buys a truck.

@lawofoccult                                                          @nogravitycrypto

Why is facebook changing names with metaverse integration?

Did you hear? last week facebook said they will change thier corporate name.

Corporations sometimes change thier names because of brand confusion.

Brand confusion means consumers mistake a product for a rivals offering, allowing competitors to unfairly gain market share from a brand they didn’t create.

This, isn’t that.

Facebooks rivals

Rivals like tiktok, twitter or BSocial do really similar things as facebook, but are they really mistakeable for facebook?

Can you imagine someone searching Google or the app store for twitter and accidently signing up to facebook?

Facebook has always had a unique, leading identity, its an individual titan of the history of social network industry. Therefore overlapping characteristics shared by all other social platforms don’t effect its brand identity.

Its particular brand identity is unique because people know SM platforms do the same thing, yet they are different platforms, with different rules, profiles and user experience.

Loads of people who use facebook every single day, don’t know how twitter works.

There’s two reasons why facebook is changing its name.

The first is to soley evolve its brand identity, (think changing history/its hand in politics/community image).

The second reason why facebook is changing it name is because doing so aligns with its recent employment of over 10,000 digital professionals to enter one particular space you may of heard of.

The metaverse.

Why is facebook changing names with metaverse integration?

Serving a market springs to mind. In recent years NFT’s and blockchain technology have launched oldschool finance, gaming and community into a metaverse of defi and elevated consciousness.

The metaverse is not what you think.

Facebook has had huge interest in gaming since launching its free live stream gaming service in 2018.

This was in response to its competitors like twitch capturing 1M users of facebooks 2018 target audience.

Twitch active users count 2.7M as of today thanks to specifically targeting gaming streamers and thier fans.


What’s twitch got to do with NFTs and Blockchain?

Nothing persai, they don’t offer any cryptographic services. Oldschool web 2.0 all the way.

Similar companies like steam are the same, they even kicked NFT games this month. All blockchain games, even rust have been removed from the platform.

They tweeted “kickcing all blockchain games because NFT games have value.”


The top 13 NFT games alone saw 3.5M users in the last 30 days.

That’s not one platform, with 10,000s of games, like steam, or twitch.

That’s just the top 13 NFT games capturing a very much wow piece of the overall gaming industry market pie-chart.

Why is facebook changing names with metaverse integration?

A year or two ago I signed up to facebook gaming streaming service.

It was easy to use, everything worked, the connection was good and the games were familiar.

The games were familiar

You wana know something?

You guessed it, even for me it’s kinda rare to hear people who can converse comfortably about NFT’s and the technology as though they are familiar with it.

That is changing through 2021.

Facebook might just be changing names with metaverse integration because it’s users are already creating a market.

Play to Earn

Play to earn – that new economy everybody is hyped about – with freelance gamers being rewarded with transferable value.

Facebook users are searching for it more and more, making groups and fan pages to chat and learn about metaverse.

Business is business and Facebook is in business.

Meta or Metaverse as a name

The motivations behind why people use the platforms they use are real. Since cryptography has evolved to be a growing part of global culture, naturally those not familiar with the metaverse are easily educated by platforms like facebook.

Lots of people choose to support genuine, authentic communities, many do this through facebook. Meta & Metaverse as a name has been in use for some time outside of facebook by this much smaller community project and lots more..

What is Binemon? Where did Binedex come from?

The defigame

Binemon is a mobile game (Android & IOS) that fuses the best of indemand elements of games such as RPG, Idle, Gacha and blockchain.

Read about the story of Binemon and the world behind the game in the roadmap.

Binemon encorporates NFT characters that battle for rewards and land. This gives players real ownership of crypto assets backed by blockchain but also allows for crazy random- unique NFT pet creation.

Onchain protocols mean mon’s evolve over time, upgrading to how the players play. Some may choose to build a home alone or construct castles on land with guild members.

A team of 5 destinctive NFT’s (mons) can be fused or acquired to compete in Bineworld. Each NFT (mon) is unique (skills/abilities) and some are rarer than others..

Players can upgrade characters by playing or by burning NFT’s through the process of fusion, simultaneously burning in game rewards ambrosia and creating rarer NFT’s. See fusion guides.

When asked about Binemon and another crypto game an early tester of blockchain games said to me in an interview “…I’m in deep in both…but binemon is where my heart is and will be a much better game.”

The Exchange

Binemon acquired the popular yet relatively unknown earlier this month.

Binemon is now fused with its own proven dex – therefore – wallet, staking, farm, liquidity protocols all secure the economics of a growing community.

All the signs point to a great start on the road to a future behemoth of the defi gaming space.

Binedex currently trades above $500M in volume.

Developers & gamers are benefiting as high blockchain transaction fees are destroyed, thanks to community roots of bineworld prioritising accessibility and scalability.

Binedex secures practically gasless travel of assetts.

The User Experience

The Binemon website has a great UI and market place runs smooth with binedex offering upto 5000 transactions per second.

This cryptocurrency protocol, that handles over 5000 t/s is incentiviseing Binemon players with rewards paid in $BNB for downloading the game or staking the games native token $BIN.

Since launch 4 days ago.. $BIN has 10x in value and been listed on other dex such as LBank ($1.5B 24hr vol.) and ZTexchange ($210M 24hr vol.). The same place’s Axie infinities native token, AXS started its meteoric growth.

120,000 players are at the beginning of experiencing Binemon Phase 02: Artemis including PVP on the 7th Sept 2021. In total Binemon includes ten Phases for gameplay and creation of a distinct metaverse. Future expansion of Bineworld is set to play out over the next three years.

Who is Binemon CEO?

If you need a metamask guide or this one to add cross chain.

A small amount of Binemon in game currency $BIN for us both. 🙂

Binemon puts the fun back into finance!




#playtoearn #defigaming #BlockchainGames

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Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Bitcoin

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If you are a trader, and unfortunately there is a lot of people in the crypto business that they’ve been around forever, but they still don’t know what they have.

They still think they are trading little coins and tokens and speculating and they are trying to guess which token will be up tomorrow or the next day.

They missed the big picture.

We’ve invented a monetary network, the first in human history it’s probably a million times more efficient way to move money around. Its half of everything.

Half of everything on earth is an asset you need like your car, like your house, like your clothes, like your art. That’s half.

The other half is just pure financial energy.

Its optionality to buy the stuff that you don’t know you need yet but, you know? maybe you want to give the money to your granddaughter, your grandson or save it for a rainy day. So the half of the monetary energy in the human race is currently moving around in 20th century asset containers called stocks and bonds.

Try wiring $100 million of Apple stock on a Saturday afternoon in Turkey it’s like – sorry – can’t do it you can’t do it right? I mean This is why I don’t get worked up over crypto regulation it’s like I can’t wire $100 million of Apple stock to a private wallet in sub saharan Africa so why would I be so worried the Treasury wants to know if I wire $150 million worth of Bitcoin to a sub Sahara private wallet?

They might do it yeah you might hate it but Google and Apple still hold value, they’re still valuable even though you can’t send them to sub saharan Africa with privacy you don’t need to actually have that flexibility so Bitcoin it solves a problem and the problem is of $200 trillion .

We need one monetary network that everybody agrees on and what is going to make it successful is basic technology protocol, an open protocol that supports a deflationary currency, that’s one thing.

Thermodynamically sound mathematically pure we need it to be uncorruptable code and then we need – you know – a physical network of hodlers to protect it, we need miners to operate it, it needs to be reasonably decentralised.

Once you’ve gotten past that it all comes down to can you get institutions, corporations and individuals to embrace it and if they choose to embrace it then it becomes the network and if they choose not to embrace it it isn’t. So this is the thing it’s the technology at work it’s  probably in my opinion it’s the single biggest technology advance of our lifetime.

You can compare it to the Internet I mean the Internet is an information network what happens if I digitised information and put it on a network this is digitising money.

I saw an interesting quote somebody said “the two greatest inventions of the human race are language and money”.

Well, the Internet is really all about language right?

If information is language so the Internet gave us digital language moving at the speed of light. A million times more efficiently than you know – me sitting in a library with blocks OK like that’s the 19th century quasi 20th century approach to language, very inefficient.

Mines will be sitting on a vault of gold right so I think that everything you saw on the Internet that was digital language and yeah it was important but digital money seems to be more important at least as important.

We debate back and forth one thing is for sure it’s at least 10 to 100 times more important than Google and the world needs it, you know when Google came out you know you could either buy Google hold the stock and believe it or you could be perennially asking people about the Google bear market when they’re going to actually take money off the table and how are they going to trade it and I was like it’s just that’s just so hard and exhausting to try to figure out when you’re going to do that.

If we are a company we’re trying to make the world a better place I have some capital I have some bandwidth you have got to decide what you’re going to do with it.

Bitcoin monetary network? The world needs it.

It’s probably going to happen with or without us by the way I think I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think it was going to happen with or without me right it’s going to happen and hurry if we’re wrong then were wrong there’s 34199 publicly traded companies that will do something different and then the human race will go forward on their shoulders.

If we’re right maybe we help it along a little bit and the world would be a better place either be a better place for the people that need a currency that have no other alternative or maybe it’ll be more rational place because price discovery will return to stocks and bonds and real estate or maybe better place because politicians will treat people better or maybe better price because big tech companies will find a way to move digital gold around a billion times faster than the current gold moves around.

We’re going to create something magical that will go on, I think. If you have an electric power network with a short circuit right people forget their Beano NYC there’s no human race, there’s no civilization if I can’t get electricity to flow over power lines without a leak like people dismiss this stuff but NYC wouldn’t be here you can’t make a skyscraper work right there’s some fundamental things about our society right there’s no antibiotics without refrigeration or no hospitals right so if you want to build this civilization you’re going to have to create networks that are thermodynamically sound.

The railroads, the power networks, the oil and that works you know and steel and metallurgy and other types of engineering and automotive networks. They are all critical and I feel just as strongly about the monetary network it is what you want, you know, you want an example? go look at what’s going on in Venezuela or Argentina right now spend a million hours trying to run a company but if you’re running a company and you’re a genius and the currency is collapsing that you’re actually doing business in it is hopeless.

Before we turn electricity off we better have nuclear Fusion in the form of a sugar cube that we can give to everybody so they can light up their house because otherwise a lot of people are going to die so I think when you’ve got something better then we talk about it but until we’ve got something better the best thing we can all do is find a way to spread this monetary network to the four corners of the earth.

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What is Pi Crypto & How Does the Pi Network Make Money ?

Robert Kiyosaki – “Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.”

The Pi network is an impressive mobile app that is growing in popularity, it may be that it is a new application to you.

In this post you will learn what Pi Crypto Network is and how it is making money.

What is the Pi Network? Pi network is basically a mobile app which allows you to mine crypto currency just by using your phone.

This application is 100% free and only takes about 2 seconds per day to be able to mine coins from your mobile. (with unnoticeable battery consumption).

You can think of this as a more widely accessible version of bitcoin because there is no requirement to purchase massively expensive mining equipment such as GPU’s to cash in on crypto.

In fact all you need is a mobile device and connection to enable personal mining. Download the app and if you want to sign up use the invitation code yptzy.

Setting up your account takes a maximum of 2 minutes and then 2 seconds per day to mine, it’s the most passive method of mining crypto, it’s a no brainer when choosing to join the pi network. People mining this way are known as pioneers and act as nodes for the network.

So how does the Pi Network make money? When users download the app and choose to mine, they become a node on the Pi network, this validates the network and helps to keep it secure. With more members joining daily, the network becomes more secure and more attractive to investors.

Pi coins are due to be released onto the crypto market during 2022. This has good and bad points as there is no solid answer as to what pi coins are worth, many people speculate about the price however before 2022 the pi coin doesn’t have any fiscal value.

Pi network intends to build a market place for consumers and allow developers to create apps on the block chain creating a decentralized, digital economy with no central figure of control. Im excited by the Pi network, the people behind the network are called the Pi community company.

Like any company they cannot keep everybody happy and did have to deal with a lawsuit by a former employee saying he was treated unfairly. Whether he was or wasn’t, isn’t really relevant for the success of Pi every company has internal difference of opinion from time to time.

Vincent McPhillip

However with the lawsuit going to court, confidence and reputation can take a knock. Some hidden information was released to the public eye giving details of a great outlook for the company financially but indicate some lack of communication/ cooperation within the core team.

What is S.A.F.E? SAFE is a Simple Agreement For Future Equity, with company documents becoming public we can see that $800K were invested in the early days of the project in return for equity at a later date. This should give confidence to those looking at joining the network today.

SAFE allows early investors to realise gains easily or perhaps buy into Pi’s IPO at a discounted price because they took on more rick at the start, for example when the Pi network goes pubic at some point in the future and shares are for example $2, those early investors may be able to buy in at 1.5$ as a reward for the risk they took.

However this being said its great that there is still plenty of time to mine pi coins, one thing you should remember is that once the Pi coin is officially released onto the crypto market in 2022, mining will stop. It will be impossible for anymore coins to be generated/ mined. This means the amount of coins will be capped. This is good news if demand increases because unlike ether or doge coin generating more and more coins each year, pi coin is finite. This means with supply being limited, if demand increases, price of pi coins will be forced upward.

Dr Nicolas Kokkalis

We can also see from these disclosed files that in Feb 2020 Pi was already valued at a wopping 20M$ This was when only 3.5M members had joined. As of March 2021 Pi has over 14m members, this is a 4x growth. Baring in mind that February 2020 price tag for Pi was based on the number of members, this means that we can confidently say Pi is worth around 80M$.

This is similar to getting into a stock like tesla early before the company officially goes public. During IPO of a successful company like Tesla, the stock is in demand meaning the price goes up and the shares you have increase in value.

Founders also put a lot of funds into the company in the early days, to avoid cash flow problems founders put in their own money and run small ads on their app, this is a good sign as they clearly believe in the project and can generate substantial revenue from ads. Users on the app really don’t mind because the effectiveness of mining and usability of the app is unaffected.

Pi have to finance the team, maintain servers and pay dedicated employees and contractors. At first I was against ads and stopped mining for two weeks, then I realised any company must first be able to finance itself in order to stay afloat and grow, so realistically it’s a great thing they are able to support themselves from ad revenue, however the real value of pi network will be realised after the coins are released onto the crypto market.

Developers will earn 25% of all coins when they come into play, so in total there should be around 77B coins meaning developers will get around 15B coins, at 2$ they will have around 20B$. Making founders instant billionaires, the average person will also benefit because they will have around 1500$.

Running ads within the app roughly makes the pie team 370,00$ per month to help develop the app and pay contractors but the real value will come to fruition upon release of the coins into the official crypto market space, making founders Billionaires.

Adding to this also makes for great news for average people who choose to mine on their mobile phone, generating a lot of capital for someone with 1000 coins (based off of conservative estimates) would make around 1500$ and those with 10,000 pi coins would make around 15k$ and those with 100,000 coins would make around 150,000$

Some skeptics of the Pi Network say the lack of publicly available source code is an issue however Pi source code is permissively licenced under MIT Licence. Adding to this some say Pi Network is a scam to collect users time & data.

I hope you enjoyed this read subscribe and ring the notification bell for crypto news, check out links below for discounts and crypto platforms I use.

Hope you enjoyed this read and have a great week see you next time for more crypto content.

“Cryptology represents the future of privacy and the future of money” Orlin Grabbe (famous economist) said this nearly 2 decades.

Why You Must Master Cosmic Energy and Life Force Meditation

Super grateful for all those mentioned in this post, you know who you are you beauties

In terms of life, Happiness means that your life energies are happening in a more exuberant way than it normally happens. Depression means your life energy has become low and staid ” Sadhguru

Researching the correct ideas about life energy is often the first step taken when awakening to the potential of the self.

“Only words and conventions can isolate us from the entirely undefinable something, which is everything.” Alan Watts

We have been told for years knowledge is power, we must study to even have a chance of becoming competent in communication with other human beings.

True many subjects have language’s all of their own especially religions and philosophy. Complexity can almost make discussion of certain topics impossible with out deep study. How can we really know our friend if we know nothing of what he does/ is? Attitude is the true universal language that transcends, if we can foster an attitude of connection, this is the way. Soul connections.

Humans as a whole don’t become segmented by subject, we like to keep on learning. We take what we have learnt and apply it to dynamic situations or we disregard information when a more valuable path becomes lucid.

We grow with what we are experiencing, this is what learning means.

“Simplicity is the art of brilliance.” – Bruce Lee

Now don’t get me wrong, studying is far from dead.

Its still a very important part of health for the brain and staying connected to others.

Last year there was a 40% increase in online course engagement. Personally it was more like a 100% increase. My friends have taken so many courses, one friend took the same course 3 times over a few years and did not realize until checking her notes! Now that is determination of self education.

So whats changed?

More people than ever are choosing to learn what they truly wish to learn, for fun, for interest, and for their future. Autonomy is a key part of feeling empowered and happy.

Secondly people are choosing to learn more about themselves, instead of an outward search for peace, more and more people are waking up to the universe within, and its pretty darn beautiful.

As the Buddha says “a pretty face gets old. A nice body will change. A good heart will always be good.”

If you want to Master Life Force For Super Powers, written study shouldn’t be your main focus. It should come close behind care and compassion for yourself and others.

The one biggest thing uni leavers have in common? ..OK.. besides the debt.. The one biggest lesson to learn? Their passion for the chosen subject has either increased to such a degree they command respect simply for their ecliptic expertise within a field. So they likely go onto to channel cosmic energy, changing the entire world in some way.


They no longer have the will to live the rest of their life confined to that one tiny niche they thought was cool back when they were 18. (if at all still real-world relevant)

The system – on the surface at least – seems to consists of a shed load of gate keepers.

Search for higher paying jobs in a lot of industries and no doubt a degree is needed just to be considered for the role. However that being said many social media marketers and ‘uneducated’ writers/ artists/ musicians make 6 figures and who is the gate keeper?

There isn’t one.

Oh and that rising star and musical sensation on the news at 13 years old? Pure passion and love of the art. (With some help from the right connections, likely magnetized by perseverance and passion that ultimately lead to only one thing, success.)

If the 21st century will be famous for anything positive it will be the replacement of the gatekeepers with social proof.

What is cosmic energy?

Cosmic Energy is subjective.

To really create anything is to be aware of and feel the divinity of cosmic energy, then master it for super powers.

Cosmic energy is life force, It has been discussed, discovered and developed for thousands of years as love, heat, electrical energy and magnetism.

Cosmic energy spreads outward from the stars, it reflects from the moon and drifts upward from the earth.

Cosmic energy is pure life force and thus animates all living things, plants, animal, and human beings.

The Sanskrit word for life energy is prana. The sanskrit work for control is yama. Hence a pranayama meditation gives practice for control over our life force. The fastest way to manipulate this and go deeper into our purpose is through breathe work.

Breathe work!! OMG..

I breathe all the time. what do you mean?


Breathing exercises and quietening our mind is the quickest way of relaxing, avoiding stress or anxiety thus saving energy that would have otherwise been wasted worrying or self talking. This energy can then be transformed to help us turn harness cosmic energy in a way that serves us.

Discovering things such as the way being paramount to the what has lead me to (reluctantly) engage with a 6 week breathing practice i will soon tell you all about.

But firstly, why so reluctant? Well like most people i have been breathing since i was born and can even do it in my sleep, i kind of consider myself experienced when it comes to inhalation/ exhalation.

I can even run for a few miles continuing to breathe steadily through the nose. woohoo!

So seriously tell me why i should take time to engage with someone teaching me about breathing?

Well, life force is only limited by what you believe you can achieve with it. Their are infinite levels of development and learning. As the universe is unimaginably huge and expanding, so is our own personal inner universe, which reflects in the world we experience around us. To change, to improve our reality we must first change on an individual level.

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows”Epictetus

Sorry if you didn’t already know but its true, the brain will try to quit on “just above average” or “good enough”, it takes a special kind of desire to keep pushing past rationality, admitting there is always more to learn and that’s when big unfathomable progress happens.

If we could just continue to leave fear out of the equation there would be no reluctance. Fear says, whats if this new stuff contradicts my current belief or work flow? Confidence says, what if this new stuff improves my current belief or work flow?

Our brain is a magnet, among other things. If the brain dwells on only bad, guess what the eyes see being drawn close? Like wise train the brain to dwell on the good, what do the eyes see being pulled in?

The easiest way to train the brain? Meditation. Allow only constructive thoughts to persist. Have it do everything we wish subconsciously.

Yes subconsciously with out even a single thought, with out your full awareness of the desire, desires that serve you, manifest. Opportunities seem to constitute the cosmos’ configuration.

I have been lead to say these things because like you, i am an experienced breather, contemplative being, deep thinker. Whatever that means..

Making sense of where all of this came from is easier with a practise.

For the last year or so my main spiritual focus is Buddhist study and prayer. I have been periodically chanting 10-15 minutes morning and night. Yet i feel some reluctance again through fear of indoctrination perhaps I’m not sure maybe somewhere in the dusty, cobweb filled corners of my mind i think all religion is a linguistic expression of cosmic energy.

Either way its impossible to deny the love and beautiful traditions of religion.

One thing iv learnt from chanting- it increases prana and gives yama. Its worth trying and fairly easy and free of religious doctrines if you choose the sacred OHM.

I choose to chant Buddhist prayers because of the meaning of the prayers and because of strong connections to individuals within the same faith.

Whatever works for you – just go master life force for super powers, if that means going to uni, go! everyone has a beautiful and unique path all of there own.

But if the path is getting bumpy, if the darkness is closing in, if you struggle to say yes! What i am experiencing fully aligns with me and my purpose! If you cant honestly say what i am experiencing here and now is serving me and i can serve others through this!

Then you need to try this.

I did and flipping loved it, it was tough to begin with sitting still quietly and – all that jazz – but well worth a little concentration for the discovery of infinite potential, the price of sitting still is fair value.

The instructor, Dan is experienced, humble, stable and practices what he preaches, he lives this stuff and it shows! His free course is extremely useful for general health. It also helps me in dissolving ego, tuning into a journey of transcending individual style for genuine body/mind/spirit unity and expression.

This easy beginers course is fantastic for improving physical, mental and emotional health.

As the learner you will be guided with easy to follow, educational words of flowing language from the gentle yet confident voice of a committed guide.

Physically completing the course reminded me of previously forgotten muscles being capable, from starting with an open mind, breathing work will allow you to feel grounded whilst light and energetic.

I found the instructor to be very amicable, clear and knowledgeable with super analogies and great metaphors to help understanding of explanations.

As a little bit of a science geek i loved “imagining/ seeing prana as the vibrational rate within every atom.” because healing is done at the cellular level, even at an atomic scale within the body this is a great way to begin exploration of cosmic energy.

Taking the free course does take intelligent effort as Dan mentions at the very start, its not super easy but nothing worth doing is super easy, is it?

That being said the weeks seemed to flow nicely into one another. I chose practicing before engaging with creative projects, perhaps you will also find it helps get the creative energies powered up?

If you feel confident or are experienced and want to maximize results why not try combining this practise with a Bandha?

I am grateful for practicing yoga for nearly two years now, in the beginning i remember feeling so different in every aspect of life i felt more comfortable, stronger, taller, more confident. I would talk to people none stop about how they must start practicing yoga. I must have 100% sounded like a yoga MLM- preneur.

Jokes aside when we feel healthy, happy and whole we can’t help but want others to feel healthy too right? I was truly baffled by how amazing i felt, no anxiety, no stress, no self talk, it was like being on drugs but with no draw back.

That’s why i’m writing this, i’m not an affiliate, I don’t run online course’s and yes i have other things i should probably be doing (washing that mountain of pots and cleaning the car.)

Today i feel this is my purpose, to share with you the little nuggets of gold i found on my never ending journey of self development. Discovering potential to know cosmic energy and master life force for super powers at the very least enables us to cope with unavoidable tumultuous pitfalls of life that could otherwise hold us back.

I started watching Jahsun last year and his teachings also helped with harnessing creative energy – be sure to take a look at what hes teaching in his online course’s.

Until next time i’m off to empty the bin like a super hero.

Photo credits.


Best wishes.

Sam C

Dreams to Goals by Darren J Brookes

Dreams to Goals is an easy to read self development book. The author laser targets belief systems by asking the reader to view belief as a vital catalyst for success in life.

Following little more than a dream with belief has lead me to the most serendipitous events, energy expanding connections and improvement in areas of my life from work to family relationships..


How? Is it even possible to increase our success through questioning ourselves? 

How can a book turn your wildest wishes into firm reality? 

Well.. the pages don’t do it, you do!

I feel this book is a valuable guide from an experienced, fully conscious life coach whom genuinely believes everyone has the potential to fulfil a purpose, happily. 

The title is the key because we can imagine anything – close our eyes and visualise – ecstasy through fantasy or misery through the same. But if you choose to believe the truth, that you are the universal co creator of your reality.  Anything is possible. With belief this book can help with changing the course of your very history.

The words contained on the pages of this book lead the reader on a journey of self discovery through critical Self evaluation. Many parts of this work involve the reader questioning, searching the life of the individual to discover true purpose. Included are many fantastic real life examples of the power of belief, its a key role in highly successful people. 

Dreams to Goals aligns with how I feel we are experiencing increased awareness what is happening right now on earth because people are questioning their every action; job role, neighbourhood, diet, company, is everything they way I want it to be?

Am I part of the problem or part of a solution?

We are becoming more conscious and less automatic and its amazing. Is this life serving me?

Is this life influenced by others?

Why have I chosen this path?

Is there another way that may be more suitable to my abilities?

Questions open the door to possibilities, they allow room for unique expression. The goal is to achieve, happily.

Furthermore the book contains Darren’s why – its clearly printed within the first few pages of his book. As a family father, I can relate to deep feelings of needing to be the best leader I can be, its a drive beyond sleep and a swim across an ocean of learning despite the extremely difficult challenges personally faced.

Pain can be converted to power should the correct intentions be followed by action in that direction.. Its a law of nature. Success is all the sweeter for it, should you turn Dreams to Goals.

Reading Dreams to Goals will help you discover your why if you have not already.  Reading this book will improve your life, regardless of previous level of success – just so long as you have the belief that growth is continual and dare to believe your dream could be a realistic goal.

Between the lines appears a strong energy of belief that anything is possible when we believe it is our purpose. The author is a terrifically talented writer yet admits he didn’t start to discover his own capabilities until nearly two decades after formal education.

IMO Darren is correct in writing that the dreams will always from time to time be reminding us that they are their – so we can believe and take action – moving us away from the masses. This book pulls you toward the former life of which their is no comparison.  

If you are willing to improve yourself, if you are trying to master self development, you will enjoy this book. It’s one you can go back to again and again, even pick up and read from a random page. 

View the authors website here.

View Dreams to Goals here.