Avatar Function With A Quote By Tom Robbins

I am about to share a quote from Tom Robbins with you, Author, film star and Father of Fleetwood star ‘Robbins’

From my perspective it is significant, powerful and for the right person even transformative.

This one short quote signified completion of a realisation I had just climbed a rung on the ladder of life.

Recognising that this life creating itself each day stems from the story I tell myself each and everyday because with grace destiny is in my hands.

Suddenly I am observing myself from a height of a few hundred feet. I see the avatar sat far below listening to bird song and I see him smile. I see him struggle.

We are living within as the observer of the avatar wether we know it or not. What programs him is our subconscious which we are writing code for every second as we breathe.

Limiting beliefs about our ability can only program for disaster.

Reading a quote by the author Tom Robbins made the sentiment swim around my mind because of the suffering felt by many during childhood and the sheer quantity of time some “grown ups’ devote to complaining.

He wrote -“Its never too late to have a happy childhood.” https://cutt.ly/Tom-Robbins-

Why would you want to tell yourself your childhood was bad beyond what youhave already experienced? We dont have to relive the pain + if selective memory is your problem, flip it on its head and select the good. This is the power of the Avatar Function. Going beyond your persieved identity.

Believe pain that has come to pass has purpose. Ofcourse don’t welcome pain but we cannot run from it, especially if it is part of our conscioussness or somehow between us and our self esteem because other wise we tair ourselves in two. The one whole is always greater than its constituent parts. I hope you gain confidence to welcome new creative life through presence as the avatar.

Free from conditioning of the mind. Emancipation from mental slavery and suffering in this present moment. Limitless possibilities of our own choice.

I’m not about to pretend to you that you or I had a perfect childhood. No one did even if it was. Childhood is always difficult, alot of the time traumatizing and definently atleast confusing. However, at times, we were the happiest we have ever been. We had little freedom, no money and all the grown ups knew something we didnt. Yet we were in a sense free.

As grown ups we made it, and look how far we have come. Leaders of the community, protectors of the next generation. We have time to reflect of course but we march forward to victory in our humanism and business!

In the cartoons & Films The Last Air Bender, a 12 yr old boy must put childhood aside to meditate because practising this way of controlling his thoughts and emotions he is able to transcend limiting beliefs about his own abilities. This way he can master his power, creating an Avatar Function which transcends the self.

You might not run on water but it will feel that way if you take the Avatar Funtion And This Quote By Tom Robbins seriously.

But what do I know?

It’s just a cartoon and an old man right?

Well let’s try to see the value and message behind the misconception. We have infinite potential – the only one limiting it lives within the mind – do you have sufficient belief to match your visions of ambition accomplished?

Alot of people subconsciously self sabotage opportunities for advancement through a passive state because of low self esteem or an aggresive personality trait also caused by low self esteem. ( having to dominate others to feel enough)

How to Learn From Results And Discard With ‘Failure’

Bare in mind this is practical what I will say is that success is a mirage if aiming for peace because peace if not a goal, place or target. Peace is love. But likely you are ambitious to Learn From Results And Discard With Failure.

Small things you can realistically get done regularly, a daily step for you to ascend, into the heavens of success, leaving a plato of mediocrity far behind. Little individual accomplishments can seem insignificant. In fact when added together they create massive unstoppable momentum. We are changing the future now. Momentum is not just speed, it is kinetic energy, it is movement in a given direction.

Aiming to complete 100%. If you are eager for growth, you must know How To Learn From Results And Discard With Failure. Your many little steps is good, however if you are honest and ambitious, you will eagerly write down many, many groundbreaking plans for the future. Things that you would love to do for maximum propulsion forward. We know from past experience things change or get lost in the ether so have many steps and just get as close to 100% completion rate. Don’t even think about the bigger picture here, it’s all about the method of small daily things that add up. Visual the large goal yes, but you are not their yet and never will be unless you execute.

The point is you will notice a map appearing dynamically before your very hands. Ready to take you anywhere you wish because you are the one simultaneously following & creating it. Not a normal map, but a map through time. A map and analysis of your projects development.

If you are ambitious great! Be ambitious about the big goal have attention on pragmatically jumping onto the small steps in an achievable andenjoyable, daily habit.


Let me start at the end.

My father’s father past this year.

I could not hold him, I did not kiss him as I felt and feel lead to, I did not whisper things in his ear as I need too. I didnt climb through the wide carehome window although I could of unquestionably and, should have!


I stood masked peering by the ground floor open window, leaning an encouraging smile with some of his old favourite songs played via my phone. (as it happens that is 1 good reason for buying it.)

I couldnt help but think of climbing through the window for a hug. I wish I had it was plenty big enough.

You are loved but lived so so far away.

And to the start.

My son is six this year.

I think from my perspective, grief has always been engraved into my mindset some how as a child. Maybe fixation on the after life due to religous upbringing? Not sure where it comes from but iv spent alot of time speculating the after death conundrum.

Now I realise it was never after death. Its after life because life is what ends when death begins.

And at some point we all must face reality.

Its simply not true for me to believe I could be anything but what I am right now.. but my grandad was a teenager fighting war in africa from time to time procrastination is my mistress in comparison. Or were those people calling me to action for thier own gain?

From my perspective I was simply an observer to appreciate and wonder at lifes magnifisent beauties, never mind any bigger picture or where grandads health was heading. Now I feel as though I have this drive to express my self, as a lotus flower may bloom.

I fawned over every moment of perfection that would never return. I grasp anxiously at the past, tugging into the future with my mind barely present.

So why do I feel so different, I dont recognise my mind, it is still. I want for nothing because what I want is impossible. I feel he is with me, a presence or energy, awareness maybe. I feel like I have something for him?.. but they lived so so far away..

The heavy chains of mental conditioning cradled me and my emotions in a scene of my own subconscious creation.

Then my grandfather left this world.

I handed over half custody of my son.

My brother doesn’t call

My sisters hair fell out.

My dad got angry again.

And my mother was always detached.

But they are all still here.

So my heart beats the same as it did at 8 or so sat on grandfathers knee in a huge beautiful hill top home looking through the balcony out to sea watching boats hearing stories of battle and war and exotic places. Why couldn’t we all just get along.

They were in denial, regressing, hopelessly afraid of reallity. The kettle is black.

Then I wake up and breathe a rare conscious breathe, my bed floats through a dark echoeing tunnel who’s only familiarity is 9-5 work.

Familiar pains, sharp like a head ache.

Is this pen a light at the end of my tunnel?

Great Friends Are Worth More Than Silver & Gold.

You most likely have good friends and appreciate them, if you aim for a successful & joyful life, experts believe this is vital. I will share exsacly why I believe, as we advance through life, you should focus on being part of creating networks of true friends before conquering the world.

When my son was born, his mother was totally unable to care for him. She was so ill I had to do all the things a mother would normally do bar breast feeding. Though the little man tried to get milk from my pecks once his attempts were futile. A couple of great friends reached out. They made sure I knew their support was rock solid. This made a huge difference, it made me realise great friends are worth more than silver and gold.

Simply as a comfortable building point with less stress. That person knows me. I know them. We span around the globe together laughing and shed tears together. Looking at them, thinking about them gives life another dimension. People care alot, they like to support others.

I urge anyone to be very grateful for the friends that this universe has gracefully delivered. They are not perfect but good friends are worth more than silver and gold. Bringing families & culture together, good friends will treat you as if you are your higher self already. They will look upon you like the best possible version of your self – even if you don’t believe in your abilities – that’s a true friend.

How do you survive the age of propaganda?

It’s no secret the digital world is an atmosphere rich with messages. We are told all sorts of different things every day but none of these messages come with plenty of information or explanations.Such an overload of generalized information only further increases our predisposition toward laziness and exacerbates our failure to properly consider what we’re […]

How do you survive the age of propaganda?

How do you feel about your food?

Enjoying colour, presentation of our life fuel(food) makes the body and mind even happier to enjoy it. Thoughts of food for me, often come before I have even seen or smelt food. So what am I thinking about?..

As I am sure you are aware we are living in the post information age. We are the masters of our environment. We can manipulate the planet at will. But can we control our minds? Do we dare to delve into its infinite potential? Do we dare invite our subconscious into our awareness?

The mind has been investigated since the beginning of time but it seems we are just realising now the profound power of our thoughts and how they massively affect our reality.

That being said, how do you feel about your food? To what degree does the presentation account for how the mind & body react?

Forget the food for a minute, how does it make you feel when you think of it? Energy? Life? Flavour? Progress? Many people like lethargy, but I must warn you, this is not a good thing.

The best food makes the body light. Positive prana.

If you enjoy sea food, pease try this simple recipe after a day of fasting.

Go ahead, ad your rice to boiling water, you want to mix perhaps 2 tea spoons of sativa seeds in 5mins before the end.

Go ahead ad your tumeric, pepper, unrefined salt crystals and all spice.

Same seasoning for the prawns only add to these whilst frying in organic butter or your favourite sustainable oil.

Definently clean &chop your peppers now, you want to steam those peppers then roast for a few minutes to make yourself a treat. ❤

Presenting the prawns on clean lactuca sativa leaves.

Beyond satieting.

Benefits of Chondrus crispus (irish sea moss)

This super food can be found growing naturally on rocks off the coast of the Caribbean islands, Canada, Great Britain and other lucky places.

Chondrus crispus sea weed is one of many varieties and part of the gigartinaceae family of sea weed. (Chondrus is the genus and crispus is the species). Moreover this super food contains 92 out of 102 minerals the body needs.

Chondrus crispus/ irish sea moss/ red algae/ sea superfood
Potent stimulant of the thyroid gland hormone (TSH)
Eases joint pain, reduces inflamation with KI (potassium iodine) KBr (potassium bromide) and antioxidants.
Boost metabolism through hormone secretion. Contains iron which also aids in metabolic regulation through rapid oxygen fascilitation. When consumed Irish moss activates enzymes responsible for digestion.
Promotes mental, emotional + physical wellbeing. This superfood prevents infection because it contains bio active compounds with ludicrously powerful antimicrobial effects such Lysozymes & defensins.
This super food is good for the heart as it aids blood flow and oxygen uptake guarding against illness’ such as angina.
Low calorie and sensational amount of nutrients (over 90%) of vital minerals are contained within this 1 superfood. 😯
High in vit C, B, B- carotene, pectin, fiber & Taurine. All of which are vital for good body health. Taurine occurs naturally in the body meaning the body produces it however it is vital in tissue repair and growth, so why not have some more? 😄
Concentrated amounts of K can aid sufferers of ADHD (esp. Children) can aid adults that suffer with anxiety, low mood, depression and agitation.
KCl (potassium chloride) aids in mucus excretion
Zinc helps libido 😏
Deficiency of zinc can do the opposite 😒 + reduces smell sensitivity.🙁