Growth #2: Forgiveness

I do not see myself as a problem. I do not need to be fixed. I think I am a puzzle piece that ended up in a bag of mixed up puzzle pieces, who are simply trying to work out what the riot of reds, a sweep of blues, and garish purples amount to. It’s a hard job for anyone to do, really.

Growth #2: Forgiveness

Great Friends Are Worth More Than Silver & Gold.

You most likely have good friends and appreciate them, if you aim for a successful & joyful life, experts believe this is vital. I will share exsacly why I believe, as we advance through life, you should focus on being part of creating networks of true friends before conquering the world.

When my son was born, his mother was totally unable to care for him. She was so ill I had to do all the things a mother would normally do bar breast feeding. Though the little man tried to get milk from my pecks once his attempts were futile. A couple of great friends reached out. They made sure I knew their support was rock solid. This made a huge difference, it made me realise great friends are worth more than silver and gold.

Simply as a comfortable building point with less stress. That person knows me. I know them. We span around the globe together laughing and shed tears together. Looking at them, thinking about them gives life another dimension. People care alot, they like to support others.

I urge anyone to be very grateful for the friends that this universe has gracefully delivered. They are not perfect but good friends are worth more than silver and gold. Bringing families & culture together, good friends will treat you as if you are your higher self already. They will look upon you like the best possible version of your self – even if you don’t believe in your abilities – that’s a true friend.

How do you survive the age of propaganda?

It’s no secret the digital world is an atmosphere rich with messages. We are told all sorts of different things every day but none of these messages come with plenty of information or explanations.Such an overload of generalized information only further increases our predisposition toward laziness and exacerbates our failure to properly consider what we’re […]

How do you survive the age of propaganda?

How do you feel about your food?

Enjoying colour, presentation of our life fuel(food) makes the body and mind even happier to enjoy it. Thoughts of food for me, often come before I have even seen or smelt food. So what am I thinking about?..

As I am sure you are aware we are living in the post information age. We are the masters of our environment. We can manipulate the planet at will. But can we control our minds? Do we dare to delve into its infinite potential? Do we dare invite our subconscious into our awareness?

The mind has been investigated since the beginning of time but it seems we are just realising now the profound power of our thoughts and how they massively affect our reality.

That being said, how do you feel about your food? To what degree does the presentation account for how the mind & body react?

Forget the food for a minute, how does it make you feel when you think of it? Energy? Life? Flavour? Progress? Many people like lethargy, but I must warn you, this is not a good thing.

The best food makes the body light. Positive prana.

If you enjoy sea food, pease try this simple recipe after a day of fasting.

Go ahead, ad your rice to boiling water, you want to mix perhaps 2 tea spoons of sativa seeds in 5mins before the end.

Go ahead ad your tumeric, pepper, unrefined salt crystals and all spice.

Same seasoning for the prawns only add to these whilst frying in organic butter or your favourite sustainable oil.

Definently clean &chop your peppers now, you want to steam those peppers then roast for a few minutes to make yourself a treat. ❤

Presenting the prawns on clean lactuca sativa leaves.

Beyond satieting.

Benefits of Chondrus crispus (irish sea moss)

This super food can be found growing naturally on rocks off the coast of the Caribbean islands, Canada, Great Britain and other lucky places.

Chondrus crispus sea weed is one of many varieties and part of the gigartinaceae family of sea weed. (Chondrus is the genus and crispus is the species). Moreover this super food contains 92 out of 102 minerals the body needs.

Chondrus crispus/ irish sea moss/ red algae/ sea superfood
Potent stimulant of the thyroid gland hormone (TSH)
Eases joint pain, reduces inflamation with KI (potassium iodine) KBr (potassium bromide) and antioxidants.
Boost metabolism through hormone secretion. Contains iron which also aids in metabolic regulation through rapid oxygen fascilitation. When consumed Irish moss activates enzymes responsible for digestion.
Promotes mental, emotional + physical wellbeing. This superfood prevents infection because it contains bio active compounds with ludicrously powerful antimicrobial effects such Lysozymes & defensins.
This super food is good for the heart as it aids blood flow and oxygen uptake guarding against illness’ such as angina.
Low calorie and sensational amount of nutrients (over 90%) of vital minerals are contained within this 1 superfood. 😯
High in vit C, B, B- carotene, pectin, fiber & Taurine. All of which are vital for good body health. Taurine occurs naturally in the body meaning the body produces it however it is vital in tissue repair and growth, so why not have some more? 😄
Concentrated amounts of K can aid sufferers of ADHD (esp. Children) can aid adults that suffer with anxiety, low mood, depression and agitation.
KCl (potassium chloride) aids in mucus excretion
Zinc helps libido 😏
Deficiency of zinc can do the opposite 😒 + reduces smell sensitivity.🙁

What to Eat Healthy, Gaining Great Recipe Knowledge

Food is life and life is extremely fast paced so it’s easy to forgive when we forget what to eat healthy. With the speed we are carried along by life, we can even forget that we already have great recipe knowledge or can aquire this easily from our own or other peoples wealth of experience.

With that being said you can easily align yourself with that healthy lifestyle you deserve by giving small amounts of energy to researching food each day. Food should bring us love & happiness together, not worry about whether our health will suffer as a result of what we eat.

Cold ice cream in the summer or hot soup in the winter. It feeds the soul as much as the body. Whole happiness in life is very closely related not just to what we eat but how we eat, how we feel before/during/after eating, how we feel about the foods contents or even the idea of eating in certain company.

How I feel about the foods presentation, aroma, colour, texture often come before any thoughts of  nutritional value.

I want you to know that if you feel good about eating a varied diet, you are definitely on the right path to knowing what to eat healthy.

Right now with global commerce, we feel the benefit of new flavours, aromas, exotic fruits & difficult to pronounce ingredients from far away culutures. At times feeling pleasently surprised how even a familiar food can be rediscovered through other peoples great recipe knowledge.

I have a friend with seliacs desease so, gluten is not an option for him. As soon as I had learnt of his misfortune my mind ofcourse raised with thoughts to cook my friend one her most favourite meals. I wanted something that I could make fresh but not too time consuming. I decided on pizza with home made gluten free dough & home made sauce made from fresh tomatoes & basil.

One day we arranged to meet at my place for the evening. I had already offered to cook and so after catching up in th lounge we made our way to the kitchen. I proudly whipped out the coconut, chestnut, almond & standard gluten free flour doh I had made earlier.

Blissfully basking in my friends glow of appreciation we laughed & talked as I prepared the sauce and finished prepairing our lovely meal.

Unfortunately many people suffer with allergens for many reasons, peanut allergy has been linked to the former generation & a mothers diet during pregnancy. Lactose intollerence is said to be around due to evolutionairy changes happening in our diets spanning over a thousand years or more.

Gratefully, right now most do not suffer allergens, but that could all change. The amount of allergens in food, and the variety of ingredients available is rapidly increasing each year therefore more people will be suffering from allergens in the near future.

That being said, could you be or have built up an intollernce or allergen to a food substance? New ingredients are becoming available daily, and the body does change with time so it is worth asking yourself. Do I really know what to eat healthy?

To have great recipe knowledge means to continual learn of and use new ingredients. Research any pros and cons. Talk to as many people as you about thier diet, what works what doesnt, what new ingredients or techniques have they discovered? Others have daily experience with food too so make it simple so that you can have really great recipe knowlede.

Eat fresh, drink cucumber water, drink lime water with ginger, keep it varied and most of all, if it doesnt feel right.. don’t eat it. This is one reason how even small amounts of meditation or yoga can improve health so much. Practise puts us in tune with the aligned body & mind. We become more sensitive to our body & mind bringing our awareness of subtle changes to or attention.

Be aware of what you eat & how it makes you feel before, during and after the meal. This way you become more interested & feel the fact of the food becoming you. This is how to know what to eat healthy and have great recipe knowlede.

Rider Review, Working for deliveroo

I geuss experience’s of working anywhere vary but with deliveroo it’s road. Anything can happen, at any moment. That being said, as a self employed rider working to deliver food via the deliveroo app, someone can be expected to earn anything between £12ph +tips upto £16ph +tips. Tips are rare, although i was given a crisp shiny £5 coin. I remember it for the scarcity of the event though other riders had mentioned larger tips.

As I was working through the winter I will endeavour to keep the weather out of the equation. I donned water proofs and tightened my mud guards. Saying that after the first hour or so of grinding between restaurants & drop off points, you stop noticing any weather. It’s part of riding a bike. But it’s something to bare in mind if your not a fan of the rain or when budgeting for work cloths.

Income, How to Earn More Money Working with deliveroo;

1) Be cautious & polite, you never know who is watching or who might give a tip.

2) Remember that you are thier to provide a good service to paying customers. Deliveroo keep stats on riders and you may be penalised if deliveries are late or if items are missing. It’s good practise to just double check with the restaurant that everything ordered is present.

3) Network with other riders & speak to people about further opportunities where possible. Be aware that as you pick up food, you are entering a proffessional environment usually filled with helpful, successful people. Just think of all the restaurant owner’s out thier plus managers. They are highly motivated people with networks of other business people.

4) Also bare in mind that as you deliver food to the customer, you do not know who you will meet, it’s good to have an open mind and listen for any potential business opportunities. Business opportunities in Manchester are the type opening doors for comitted young people. Especially in tech sectors that you may have an interest in or study. Who knows? you may have learnt something in your life that could help. If you do manage to give some well timed & positive advise, this person will remember & more than likely feel as though they would happily reciprocate.

5) Boring but painful not to remember! File your own tax. You will be expected to pay late fees if you dont file your tax return on time. Good news! you will not pay any tax as you can claim back expense for things like work clothes and equipment such as your (bike/phone/lights/repairs). Just keep hold of the receipts for any purchase that you made for things that you need for work.

Moreover, please remember the ‘lifesaver glance’. Fortunately I have never been knocked off my bike but I have crashed motorbikes and you can take it from me, it’s definitely no fun atall (and repairs cost money ofcourse).

Stay safe, look after yourself & look out for others, they will likely look out for you anyway but they will go out of thier way to help you if they know that you are the type of person that looks out for others.

Respect on the journey.

Wealth Increase with Attitude of Grattitude.

Top level winners in life are not always top level earners. Winners set goals and dont give up until the mission is accomplished, often you will meet them during the process. If a goal is to be a top level income earner, then one day the winner will be rich or die trying. In any case they didnt loose because they didnt give up. They are, somehow or another always staying motivated by conciously deciding to be grateful for life and the opportunities each day bring.

By thinking of people or writing down things that cause the feeling of gratitude. With an aim to do this each day, winners can draw positive & productive energy from a powerful emotion. This practise is in fact as easy as meditating on thoughts of what causes the feeling of grattitude. Or the practise could take the form of short sentences;

Today I am grateful for.. being around friends & family.

Today I am grateful for.. something happening that aligns with my goals.

Today i am grateful for.. being free to walk in nature enjoying good health.

As this practise continues its natural to feel beneficial effects such as relaxation, happiness, bliss and generally less stress.

This happens because grattitude is an extremely powerful positive emotion. This emotion changes perception of things for the better, allowing us to recognise lifes value during any given situation even if that situation seems to be a loss. This also destroys any possibility of day to day negatives like complaining about or dwelling on things that cannot be change.

In Tibetan & Indian Buddhism gratitude is the foundation  for everything.
Do you agree?

What are you grateful for right now?

Tibetan & Indian Buddhism teaches us the word ‘Shambhala’ which is thought to be the mythical kingdom of tranquillity undiscovered somewhere in inner Asia.

However if we learn more about this kingdom ‘Shambhala’ we discover that its form, its reallity is as much visionary, and spiritual as it is physical or geographical.

Could Shambhala be a place of perception with in us all?