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How to Save Two Birds With One Phone

Whats the second most important part about breathing after we exhale?

Master scientist and thought leader David Lovelock often spent his exhales pondering how the earth is a self regulating super organism, thus meaning everything is connected, balanced & part of the whole.

Master Innovator Topher White expanded his engineering background into a deep respect of Giai, and from fear of what would happen to her if he didn’t, he created Rain Forest Connection

Just imagine how disappointed or downhearted you’d be, finding God level beauty only to see it disrespected or ignored..

Get deep refreshment from here on in with knowledge of this movement through my non profit review.

Chainsaws will always make noise.

How to Save Two Birds With One Phone?

We listen to nature videos, gentle calls of unknown exotic jungle wildlife a documentary is enough.

Then we find heart breaking evidence of perfect rainforest dooming destruction.

Life that has taken so long to mature being harvested in such away, total destruction of habitat follows.

The rainforest connection – a surprisingly great to have free app on IOS & Android – typifies love frequency.

Old recycled mobiles carrying information vital to rainforest protection hang high above the rainforest floor. The tropical sun easily powers sparcely placed devices with connected little photovoltaic cells sending live audio files – around the globe, to many cities, into our homes..

The device is practically invisible within the jungle environment it is a perfect step towards a more stable Giai, because in giving more than as much as it takes this emitomizes the whole rainforest spirit.

One real tree can give a protection to 100’s of animals. One real living tree can give a home to 100’s of species. One real living abundant tree gives shade to 100’s of medicine producing plants.

One tree can hold a device like the one you hold that can protect upto 1 square km of our distant home, from criminal destruction. We get to listen to live jungle sounds, for free, knowing that if a poacher or illegal logging business starts to operate near by, forest rangers will be alerted.

Firstly, the recycling of old electronics has issues. Many – promised to be recycled – phones go to landfill. Companies incentivise or even pay people for redundant devices but pones are difficult to mine for tiny ammounts of precious metals so sadly many have been going to landfill over the years. Supporting Rainforest Connection – can you help solve this global problem in such a rewarding way?

Ofcourse this aligns with our values.

ACTION is the next most important activity.

Free app download only 5k+ downloads! lets get this to more people, please share.

Photo credits; artist.

Now you know how to Save Two Birds With One Phone.


Think Like A Goat Feeds

Whether animals do think remains a subject work within the science community. It is more known that animals operate by instinct if such word alone refers to those animal behaviours outside the operation of mere instinct, such as some behaviours displayed by common animals like the dog. To think like a goat is a metaphor […]

Think Like A Goat Feeds

Start Building a Successful Team – Top Five Must Do

Celebrate the individuality of each team member because this is thier greatest assett when aligned with the teams purpose. Can they 100% express what they feel about tasks.

Appreciate the grace of brain power, foster collaboration for individual input – similar to vision, more so related to its topic – it’s critical.

Evaluate the two way prosperity of the relationship continually, accept you may have selected the wrong person. Can they adapt now that things are growing?

Deligate so that the team has a boon from knowing responsibility, something to celebrate ability that overlaps with purpose.

Lead by example and be lavish with praise because a team should be inspired to feel the purpose fully through their own thoughts/ words/ actions, yet they should never be more motivated than the leader.

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Photograph Credits; Artist

How to Learn From Results And Discard With ‘Failure’

Success & failure are vital concepts for effective learning, realistic progression and personal meaning.

Success/ failure is also amirage. Either view can compromise peace, they often do because they are concepts derived from external validation.

Peace is not a goal, place or target. Peace is love. Inner peace teaches us wisdom is to learn from results and discard with failure.

Little individual accomplishments can seem insignificant. In fact when added together they create massive unstoppable momentum. We are changing the future now because momentum is not just speed, it is kinetic energy, it is velocity – movement in a given direction – life is all about direction.

Create a 1 degree course alteration today and in a short time, you are on a completely different tragectory.

Eftort generates outcome always, a result is an option. Assess the results to decide which of the following might be best;

• learn to improve direction of future efforts with same standarda.

• learn to improve standards of future efforts in the same direction.

The two options are both hugely forward, critical thoughts that can only lead to elivation of standards.

Results always give valuable insight into the reality of what is needed to transfrom effort into accomplishment because we are always presented with two options for valuable learning experience. Both options turn noise into traction and ‘failure’ into leverage.

If you are eager for growth, you must know how to learn from results and discard with failure. Your many little steps are great, however if you are honest and ambitious, you will eagerly write down many, many groundbreaking plans for the future. Things that you would love to do for maximum propulsion forward. We know from past experience things change or get lost in the ether so have many steps and just get as close to 100% completion rate.

Don’t focus on the bigger picture its form changes over timr, it’s all about concentrating on the method – small daily things – that add up to create unstoppable momentum.

In time you will notice a fantastic map appearing dynamically before your very hands. Not just any normal map. A map and analysis of your projects development.

For you, this is my simple opinion.

Benefits of Chondrus crispus (irish sea moss)

This super food can be found growing naturally on rocks off the coast of the Caribbean islands, Canada, Great Britain and other lucky places.

Chondrus crispus sea weed is one of many varieties and part of the gigartinaceae family of sea weed. (Chondrus is the genus and crispus is the species). Moreover this super food contains 92 out of 102 minerals the body needs.

Chondrus crispus/ irish sea moss/ red algae/ sea superfood
Potent stimulant of the thyroid gland hormone (TSH)

Ease joint pain, reduces inflamation with KI (potassium iodine) KBr (potassium bromide) and antioxidants.

Boost metabolism through hormone secretion. Contains iron which also aids in metabolic regulation through rapid oxygen fascilitation. When consumed Irish moss activates enzymes responsible for digestion.

Promotes mental, emotional + physical wellbeing. This superfood prevents infection because it contains bio active compounds with ludicrously powerful antimicrobial effects such Lysozymes & defensins.

This super food is good for the heart as it aids blood flow and oxygen uptake guarding against illness’ such as angina.

Low calorie and sensational amount of nutrients (over 90%) of vital minerals are contained within this 1 superfood. 😯

High in vit C, B, B- carotene, pectin, fiber & Taurine. All of which are vital for good body health. Taurine occurs naturally in the body meaning the body produces it however it is vital in tissue repair and growth, so why not have some more? 😄

Concentrated amounts of K can aid sufferers of ADHD (esp. Children) can aid adults that suffer with anxiety, low mood, depression and agitation.

KCl (potassium chloride) aids in mucus excretion

Zinc helps libido 😏
Deficiency of zinc can do the opposite 😒 + reduces smell sensitivity.🙁

Rider Review, Working for deliveroo

Experiencing working anywhere vary but with deliveroo it’s busy city roads. Anything can happen, at any moment. That being said, as a self employed rider working to deliver food via the deliveroo app, someone can be expected to earn anything between £12ph +tips upto £16ph +tips. Tips are rare, although i was given a crisp shiny £5 coin. I remember it for the scarcity of the event though other riders had mentioned larger tips.

As I was working through the winter I will endeavour to keep the weather out of the equation. I donned water proofs and tightened my mud guards. Saying that after the first hour or so of grinding between restaurants & drop off points, you stop noticing any weather. It’s part of riding a bike. But it’s something to bare in mind if your not a fan of the rain or when budgeting for work cloths.

Income, How to Earn More Money Working with deliveroo;

1) Be cautious & polite, you never know who is watching or who might give a tip.

2) Remember that you are thier to provide a good service to paying customers. Deliveroo keep stats on riders and you may be penalised if deliveries are late or if items are missing. It’s good practise to just double check with the restaurant that everything ordered is present.

3) Network with other riders & speak to people about further opportunities where possible. Be aware that as you pick up food, you are entering a proffessional environment usually filled with helpful, successful people. Just think of all the restaurant owner’s out thier plus managers. They are highly motivated people with networks of other business people.

4) Also bare in mind that as you deliver food to the customer, you do not know who you will meet, it’s good to have an open mind and listen for any potential business opportunities. Business opportunities in Manchester are the type opening doors for comitted young people. Especially in tech sectors that you may have an interest in or study. Who knows? you may have learnt something in your life that could help. If you do manage to give some well timed & positive advise, this person will remember & more than likely feel as though they would happily reciprocate.

5) Boring but painful not to remember! File your own tax. You will be expected to pay late fees if you dont file your tax return on time. Good news! you will not pay any tax as you can claim back expense for things like work clothes and equipment such as your (bike/phone/lights/repairs). Just keep hold of the receipts for any purchase that you made for things that you need for work.

Moreover, please remember the ‘lifesaver glance’. Fortunately I have never been knocked off my bike but I have crashed motorbikes and you can take it from me, it’s definitely no fun atall (and repairs cost money ofcourse).

Stay safe, look after yourself & look out for others, they will likely look out for you anyway but they will go out of thier way to help you if they know that you are the type of person that looks out for others.

Respect on the journey.

Wealth Increase with Attitude of Grattitude.

Top level winners in life are not always top level earners. Winners set goals and dont give up until the mission is accomplished, often you will meet them during the process. If a goal is to be a top level income earner, then one day the winner will be rich or die trying. In any case they didnt loose because they didnt give up. They are, somehow or another always staying motivated by conciously deciding to be grateful for life and the opportunities each day bring.

By thinking of people or writing down things that cause the feeling of gratitude. With an aim to do this each day, winners can draw positive & productive energy from a powerful emotion. This practise is in fact as easy as meditating on thoughts of what causes the feeling of grattitude. Or the practise could take the form of short sentences;

Today I am grateful for.. being around friends & family.

Today I am grateful for.. something happening that aligns with my goals.

Today i am grateful for.. being free to walk in nature enjoying good health.

As this practise continues its natural to feel beneficial effects such as relaxation, happiness, bliss and generally less stress.

This happens because grattitude is an extremely powerful positive emotion. This emotion changes perception of things for the better, allowing us to recognise lifes value during any given situation even if that situation seems to be a loss. This also destroys any possibility of day to day negatives like complaining about or dwelling on things that cannot be change.

In Tibetan & Indian Buddhism gratitude is the foundation  for everything.
Do you agree?

What are you grateful for right now?

Tibetan & Indian Buddhism teaches us the word ‘Shambhala’ which is thought to be the mythical kingdom of tranquillity undiscovered somewhere in inner Asia.

However if we learn more about this kingdom ‘Shambhala’ we discover that its form, its reallity is as much visionary, and spiritual as it is physical or geographical.

Could Shambhala be a place of perception with in us all?


We are greatful for the innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs that have shaped the world around us. Many things we use every day inprove our lives because we can do things smarter, cleaner, safer and more practical than before.

Inventions (events) make life into the world because there is a problem, it is solved by first studying the for answers, studying the market and inventing a unique product.

Innovation is a proccess of studying a product or service and defining its strengths and weakness before taking action to make improvements or changes to the design of that product.

Inventions are 100% new concepts or innovative improvements on other designs.

Innovation process is lasting change because it is continually assessing its effectiveness and improving on what is currently working. There is no doubt the solution works, entrepreneurs ask, how could this work even better.