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Blockchain Crushes Consumerism Crisis.

A brief indulgent moment – envisioning the perfect object – our minds eye imagination knows no peak.

That being said, over 70 years have passed since psychoanalysis has been in the driving seat of advertisement. 

Let’s be fully conscious consumers.

How is blockchain crushing the consumerism crisis?

Photo by David Gray

No shipping C02 footprint

The best consumers spend across the globe yet this creates an obvious problem, transportation.

Digital asset collectors know they can window shop 24/7 with free delivery to the office or home within seconds.

OK admittedly, GPU’s have to come from somewhere, yet, most people have a smartphone or laptop or both already. I am personally using an old but awesome $400 laptop to create and collect NFT’s.

It’s possible to trade, gift and shop globally, partially satisfying our consumer demand whilst leaving secluded tribes and natural resources in tact.

It’s Our Nature.

Feelings of security, self worth and personal productivity discourage consumerism.

On the other hand those who chronically doubt themselves are more likely to be materialistic.

Without going into the well documented psychology of why people buy, or what motivates many to over or unconsciously consume, we can easily comprehend the way we feel, is greatly impacting how we might circulate our funds. Perhaps we desire to access specific communities.

Gift from an amazing NFT community

Direct interaction with the artist/ producer.

Gatekeepers have dissolved to a degree. The music industry will never be the same. Popular influencers/ creators are directly interacting with and building their audience (often young) with no middle entity.

Many youtube creators still source or supply cheap collectables (merch) so that fans can show love. Yet with NFTs fans are supporting that valued creator transparently, directly, seamlessly providing authenticity.

I recently asked 3 of my awesome twitter followers (thank-you btw you’re awesome!) what do people want from shopping?

Here are some shortened answers; ‘We want to feel the happiness of giving, we want to order online, we want to have something personally customised, we want goodies made by our favourite influencers. We want to be part of something.’

It’s fair to say that as human beings we all like to shop for ourselves or others. Memberships and clubs create recognisable unity. Being part of a circle of like minds is wonderful in making us feel value/belonging. We can easily provide help and add value to others, creating a prosperous environment.


Digital assets replace bulky physical objects.

We want We need to know that our indulgence or gifts do not harm other human beings. Our planet should not be irresponsibly damaged beyond repair. We need to know most of our collected objects are locally sourced or transported effortlessly.

Consuming won’t stop anytime soon, even if we all feel great and everybody loves everybody all the time! I honestly don’t think consumerism is evil atall, just suboptimal.

Ever visited an art gallery without leaving home? How about this Paper Buddha tribute gallery or this one.

Meeting demand

Many of us crave that great feeling of joy when we share, create and give, to last beyond endless cardboard boxes, bubblewrap, styrofoam plastic and poor working conditions behind the scenes.

Blockchain allows anyone to create a digital asset (NFT). An owner can then relate to the audience their project’s purpose or exclusive information.

As collectors become interested and perhaps buy a piece of art, no shipping needs to take place. Digital art, fractionalised property or business rights, gaming characters, music and books are delivered authentically, immediately during the transaction.

Limiting supply chain stress.

Looking into areas of our consumption. Say, gift giving or hobby collecting or community incentives or merch. These areas highlight opportunities for changing systems to perform outstandingly better with the fresh perspective of youth! Not just for better business but for better environments, for a clear conscience.

It’s important we get it right as our consciousness elevates.

Online industries continue to explode. We capitalise on past errors of our ways by consciously choosing which creators to support, and how to show that love most effectively. Furthermore we are actively knowing more (everything) about what is actually happening when we make an order. (Think supply chain and effects of cheap labour, perhaps overseas, can we really justify the shipping/ labour?)

Will this purchase align with my beliefs about the world? Why exsactly am I making this purchase and what chain of events will happen when I do?



How blockchain crushes consumerism crisis depends on which blockchain is being used with which upgrades. For simplicity I’ll gratefully highlight my favourite, Tezos. Tezos is recognised as the cleanest and greenest blockchain.

Tezos hosts work by reliable artists.

Tens of thousands of customers and merchants interacting with no environmental destruction simply beats weak link hiding, pollutant pumping, fossil fuel burning, ecology destroying, typically toxic supply chains, by a lot! 

Unlimited cross border community building with a carbon print of just 17 people is crushing the consumerism crisis.

It’s a win-win because not only is consuming NFTs way less environmentally destructive, we know from experience people consume healthier as a whole, when they feel good, part of a healthy group with aligned vision perhaps.

Smarter people than me are building decentralised tools for the betterment of humanity, making those tools sharper and faster every day. We should embrace and remember fear is simply false evidence appearing rEaL.

It’s obvious sending an NFT is waaay more cool, fast, secure and fun than waiting two weeks for a China amazon impulse buy. Nine year old me may have disagreed yet times are changing..

Nine year old me buys a truck.

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