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What is Binemon? Where did Binedex come from?

The defigame

Binemon is a mobile game (Android & IOS) that fuses the best of indemand elements of games such as RPG, Idle, Gacha and blockchain.

Read about the story of Binemon and the world behind the game in the roadmap.

Binemon encorporates NFT characters that battle for rewards and land. This gives players real ownership of crypto assets backed by blockchain but also allows for crazy random- unique NFT pet creation.

Onchain protocols mean mon’s evolve over time, upgrading to how the players play. Some may choose to build a home alone or construct castles on land with guild members.

A team of 5 destinctive NFT’s (mons) can be fused or acquired to compete in Bineworld. Each NFT (mon) is unique (skills/abilities) and some are rarer than others..

Players can upgrade characters by playing or by burning NFT’s through the process of fusion, simultaneously burning in game rewards ambrosia and creating rarer NFT’s. See fusion guides.

When asked about Binemon and another crypto game an early tester of blockchain games said to me in an interview “…I’m in deep in both…but binemon is where my heart is and will be a much better game.”

The Exchange

Binemon acquired the popular yet relatively unknown earlier this month.

Binemon is now fused with its own proven dex – therefore – wallet, staking, farm, liquidity protocols all secure the economics of a growing community.

All the signs point to a great start on the road to a future behemoth of the defi gaming space.

Binedex currently trades above $500M in volume.

Developers & gamers are benefiting as high blockchain transaction fees are destroyed, thanks to community roots of bineworld prioritising accessibility and scalability.

Binedex secures practically gasless travel of assetts.

The User Experience

The Binemon website has a great UI and market place runs smooth with binedex offering upto 5000 transactions per second.

This cryptocurrency protocol, that handles over 5000 t/s is incentiviseing Binemon players with rewards paid in $BNB for downloading the game or staking the games native token $BIN.

Since launch 4 days ago.. $BIN has 10x in value and been listed on other dex such as LBank ($1.5B 24hr vol.) and ZTexchange ($210M 24hr vol.). The same place’s Axie infinities native token, AXS started its meteoric growth.

120,000 players are at the beginning of experiencing Binemon Phase 02: Artemis including PVP on the 7th Sept 2021. In total Binemon includes ten Phases for gameplay and creation of a distinct metaverse. Future expansion of Bineworld is set to play out over the next three years.

Who is Binemon CEO?

If you need a metamask guide or this one to add cross chain.

A small amount of Binemon in game currency $BIN for us both. 🙂

Binemon puts the fun back into finance!




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