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Why You Must Master Cosmic Energy and Life Force Meditation

Super grateful for all those mentioned in this post, you know who you are you beauties

In terms of life, Happiness means that your life energies are happening in a more exuberant way than it normally happens. Depression means your life energy has become low and staid ” Sadhguru

Researching the correct ideas about life energy is often the first step taken when awakening to the potential of the self.

“Only words and conventions can isolate us from the entirely undefinable something, which is everything.” Alan Watts

We have been told for years knowledge is power, we must study to even have a chance of becoming competent in communication with other human beings.

True many subjects have language’s all of their own especially religions and philosophy. Complexity can almost make discussion of certain topics impossible with out deep study. How can we really know our friend if we know nothing of what he does/ is? Attitude is the true universal language that transcends, if we can foster an attitude of connection, this is the way. Soul connections.

Humans as a whole don’t become segmented by subject, we like to keep on learning. We take what we have learnt and apply it to dynamic situations or we disregard information when a more valuable path becomes lucid.

We grow with what we are experiencing, this is what learning means.

“Simplicity is the art of brilliance.” – Bruce Lee

Now don’t get me wrong, studying is far from dead.

Its still a very important part of health for the brain and staying connected to others.

Last year there was a 40% increase in online course engagement. Personally it was more like a 100% increase. My friends have taken so many courses, one friend took the same course 3 times over a few years and did not realize until checking her notes! Now that is determination of self education.

So whats changed?

More people than ever are choosing to learn what they truly wish to learn, for fun, for interest, and for their future. Autonomy is a key part of feeling empowered and happy.

Secondly people are choosing to learn more about themselves, instead of an outward search for peace, more and more people are waking up to the universe within, and its pretty darn beautiful.

As the Buddha says “a pretty face gets old. A nice body will change. A good heart will always be good.”

If you want to Master Life Force For Super Powers, written study shouldn’t be your main focus. It should come close behind care and compassion for yourself and others.

The one biggest thing uni leavers have in common? ..OK.. besides the debt.. The one biggest lesson to learn? Their passion for the chosen subject has either increased to such a degree they command respect simply for their ecliptic expertise within a field. So they likely go onto to channel cosmic energy, changing the entire world in some way.


They no longer have the will to live the rest of their life confined to that one tiny niche they thought was cool back when they were 18. (if at all still real-world relevant)

The system – on the surface at least – seems to consists of a shed load of gate keepers.

Search for higher paying jobs in a lot of industries and no doubt a degree is needed just to be considered for the role. However that being said many social media marketers and ‘uneducated’ writers/ artists/ musicians make 6 figures and who is the gate keeper?

There isn’t one.

Oh and that rising star and musical sensation on the news at 13 years old? Pure passion and love of the art. (With some help from the right connections, likely magnetized by perseverance and passion that ultimately lead to only one thing, success.)

If the 21st century will be famous for anything positive it will be the replacement of the gatekeepers with social proof.

What is cosmic energy?

Cosmic Energy is subjective.

To really create anything is to be aware of and feel the divinity of cosmic energy, then master it for super powers.

Cosmic energy is life force, It has been discussed, discovered and developed for thousands of years as love, heat, electrical energy and magnetism.

Cosmic energy spreads outward from the stars, it reflects from the moon and drifts upward from the earth.

Cosmic energy is pure life force and thus animates all living things, plants, animal, and human beings.

The Sanskrit word for life energy is prana. The sanskrit work for control is yama. Hence a pranayama meditation gives practice for control over our life force. The fastest way to manipulate this and go deeper into our purpose is through breathe work.

Breathe work!! OMG..

I breathe all the time. what do you mean?


Breathing exercises and quietening our mind is the quickest way of relaxing, avoiding stress or anxiety thus saving energy that would have otherwise been wasted worrying or self talking. This energy can then be transformed to help us turn harness cosmic energy in a way that serves us.

Discovering things such as the way being paramount to the what has lead me to (reluctantly) engage with a 6 week breathing practice i will soon tell you all about.

But firstly, why so reluctant? Well like most people i have been breathing since i was born and can even do it in my sleep, i kind of consider myself experienced when it comes to inhalation/ exhalation.

I can even run for a few miles continuing to breathe steadily through the nose. woohoo!

So seriously tell me why i should take time to engage with someone teaching me about breathing?

Well, life force is only limited by what you believe you can achieve with it. Their are infinite levels of development and learning. As the universe is unimaginably huge and expanding, so is our own personal inner universe, which reflects in the world we experience around us. To change, to improve our reality we must first change on an individual level.

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows”Epictetus

Sorry if you didn’t already know but its true, the brain will try to quit on “just above average” or “good enough”, it takes a special kind of desire to keep pushing past rationality, admitting there is always more to learn and that’s when big unfathomable progress happens.

If we could just continue to leave fear out of the equation there would be no reluctance. Fear says, whats if this new stuff contradicts my current belief or work flow? Confidence says, what if this new stuff improves my current belief or work flow?

Our brain is a magnet, among other things. If the brain dwells on only bad, guess what the eyes see being drawn close? Like wise train the brain to dwell on the good, what do the eyes see being pulled in?

The easiest way to train the brain? Meditation. Allow only constructive thoughts to persist. Have it do everything we wish subconsciously.

Yes subconsciously with out even a single thought, with out your full awareness of the desire, desires that serve you, manifest. Opportunities seem to constitute the cosmos’ configuration.

I have been lead to say these things because like you, i am an experienced breather, contemplative being, deep thinker. Whatever that means..

Making sense of where all of this came from is easier with a practise.

For the last year or so my main spiritual focus is Buddhist study and prayer. I have been periodically chanting 10-15 minutes morning and night. Yet i feel some reluctance again through fear of indoctrination perhaps I’m not sure maybe somewhere in the dusty, cobweb filled corners of my mind i think all religion is a linguistic expression of cosmic energy.

Either way its impossible to deny the love and beautiful traditions of religion.

One thing iv learnt from chanting- it increases prana and gives yama. Its worth trying and fairly easy and free of religious doctrines if you choose the sacred OHM.

I choose to chant Buddhist prayers because of the meaning of the prayers and because of strong connections to individuals within the same faith.

Whatever works for you – just go master life force for super powers, if that means going to uni, go! everyone has a beautiful and unique path all of there own.

But if the path is getting bumpy, if the darkness is closing in, if you struggle to say yes! What i am experiencing fully aligns with me and my purpose! If you cant honestly say what i am experiencing here and now is serving me and i can serve others through this!

Then you need to try this.

I did and flipping loved it, it was tough to begin with sitting still quietly and – all that jazz – but well worth a little concentration for the discovery of infinite potential, the price of sitting still is fair value.

The instructor, Dan is experienced, humble, stable and practices what he preaches, he lives this stuff and it shows! His free course is extremely useful for general health. It also helps me in dissolving ego, tuning into a journey of transcending individual style for genuine body/mind/spirit unity and expression.

This easy beginers course is fantastic for improving physical, mental and emotional health.

As the learner you will be guided with easy to follow, educational words of flowing language from the gentle yet confident voice of a committed guide.

Physically completing the course reminded me of previously forgotten muscles being capable, from starting with an open mind, breathing work will allow you to feel grounded whilst light and energetic.

I found the instructor to be very amicable, clear and knowledgeable with super analogies and great metaphors to help understanding of explanations.

As a little bit of a science geek i loved “imagining/ seeing prana as the vibrational rate within every atom.” because healing is done at the cellular level, even at an atomic scale within the body this is a great way to begin exploration of cosmic energy.

Taking the free course does take intelligent effort as Dan mentions at the very start, its not super easy but nothing worth doing is super easy, is it?

That being said the weeks seemed to flow nicely into one another. I chose practicing before engaging with creative projects, perhaps you will also find it helps get the creative energies powered up?

If you feel confident or are experienced and want to maximize results why not try combining this practise with a Bandha?

I am grateful for practicing yoga for nearly two years now, in the beginning i remember feeling so different in every aspect of life i felt more comfortable, stronger, taller, more confident. I would talk to people none stop about how they must start practicing yoga. I must have 100% sounded like a yoga MLM- preneur.

Jokes aside when we feel healthy, happy and whole we can’t help but want others to feel healthy too right? I was truly baffled by how amazing i felt, no anxiety, no stress, no self talk, it was like being on drugs but with no draw back.

That’s why i’m writing this, i’m not an affiliate, I don’t run online course’s and yes i have other things i should probably be doing (washing that mountain of pots and cleaning the car.)

Today i feel this is my purpose, to share with you the little nuggets of gold i found on my never ending journey of self development. Discovering potential to know cosmic energy and master life force for super powers at the very least enables us to cope with unavoidable tumultuous pitfalls of life that could otherwise hold us back.

I started watching Jahsun last year and his teachings also helped with harnessing creative energy – be sure to take a look at what hes teaching in his online course’s.

Until next time i’m off to empty the bin like a super hero.

Photo credits.


Best wishes.

Sam C


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