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Dreams to Goals by Darren J Brookes

Dreams to Goals is an easy to read self development book. The author laser targets belief systems by asking the reader to view belief as a vital catalyst for success in life.

Following little more than a dream with belief has lead me to the most serendipitous events, energy expanding connections and improvement in areas of my life from work to family relationships..


How? Is it even possible to increase our success through questioning ourselves? 

How can a book turn your wildest wishes into firm reality? 

Well.. the pages don’t do it, you do!

I feel this book is a valuable guide from an experienced, fully conscious life coach whom genuinely believes everyone has the potential to fulfil a purpose, happily. 

The title is the key because we can imagine anything – close our eyes and visualise – ecstasy through fantasy or misery through the same. But if you choose to believe the truth, that you are the universal co creator of your reality.  Anything is possible. With belief this book can help with changing the course of your very history.

The words contained on the pages of this book lead the reader on a journey of self discovery through critical Self evaluation. Many parts of this work involve the reader questioning, searching the life of the individual to discover true purpose. Included are many fantastic real life examples of the power of belief, its a key role in highly successful people. 

Dreams to Goals aligns with how I feel we are experiencing increased awareness what is happening right now on earth because people are questioning their every action; job role, neighbourhood, diet, company, is everything they way I want it to be?

Am I part of the problem or part of a solution?

We are becoming more conscious and less automatic and its amazing. Is this life serving me?

Is this life influenced by others?

Why have I chosen this path?

Is there another way that may be more suitable to my abilities?

Questions open the door to possibilities, they allow room for unique expression. The goal is to achieve, happily.

Furthermore the book contains Darren’s why – its clearly printed within the first few pages of his book. As a family father, I can relate to deep feelings of needing to be the best leader I can be, its a drive beyond sleep and a swim across an ocean of learning despite the extremely difficult challenges personally faced.

Pain can be converted to power should the correct intentions be followed by action in that direction.. Its a law of nature. Success is all the sweeter for it, should you turn Dreams to Goals.

Reading Dreams to Goals will help you discover your why if you have not already.  Reading this book will improve your life, regardless of previous level of success – just so long as you have the belief that growth is continual and dare to believe your dream could be a realistic goal.

Between the lines appears a strong energy of belief that anything is possible when we believe it is our purpose. The author is a terrifically talented writer yet admits he didn’t start to discover his own capabilities until nearly two decades after formal education.

IMO Darren is correct in writing that the dreams will always from time to time be reminding us that they are their – so we can believe and take action – moving us away from the masses. This book pulls you toward the former life of which their is no comparison.  

If you are willing to improve yourself, if you are trying to master self development, you will enjoy this book. It’s one you can go back to again and again, even pick up and read from a random page. 

View the authors website here.

View Dreams to Goals here.


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