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How to Save Two Birds With One Phone

Whats the second most important part about breathing after we exhale?

Master scientist and thought leader David Lovelock often spent his exhales pondering how the earth is a self regulating super organism, thus meaning everything is connected, balanced & part of the whole.

Master Innovator Topher White expanded his engineering background into a deep respect of Giai, and from fear of what would happen to her if he didn’t, he created Rain Forest Connection

Just imagine how disappointed or downhearted you’d be, finding God level beauty only to see it disrespected or ignored..

Get deep refreshment from here on in with knowledge of this movement through my non profit review.

Chainsaws will always make noise.

How to Save Two Birds With One Phone?

We listen to nature videos, gentle calls of unknown exotic jungle wildlife a documentary is enough.

Then we find heart breaking evidence of perfect rainforest dooming destruction.

Life that has taken so long to mature being harvested in such away, total destruction of habitat follows.

The rainforest connection – a surprisingly great to have free app on IOS & Android – typifies love frequency.

Old recycled mobiles carrying information vital to rainforest protection hang high above the rainforest floor. The tropical sun easily powers sparcely placed devices with connected little photovoltaic cells sending live audio files – around the globe, to many cities, into our homes..

The device is practically invisible within the jungle environment it is a perfect step towards a more stable Giai, because in giving more than as much as it takes this emitomizes the whole rainforest spirit.

One real tree can give a protection to 100’s of animals. One real living tree can give a home to 100’s of species. One real living abundant tree gives shade to 100’s of medicine producing plants.

One tree can hold a device like the one you hold that can protect upto 1 square km of our distant home, from criminal destruction. We get to listen to live jungle sounds, for free, knowing that if a poacher or illegal logging business starts to operate near by, forest rangers will be alerted.

Firstly, the recycling of old electronics has issues. Many – promised to be recycled – phones go to landfill. Companies incentivise or even pay people for redundant devices but pones are difficult to mine for tiny ammounts of precious metals so sadly many have been going to landfill over the years. Supporting Rainforest Connection – can you help solve this global problem in such a rewarding way?

Ofcourse this aligns with our values.

ACTION is the next most important activity.

Free app download only 5k+ downloads! lets get this to more people, please share.

Photo credits; artist.

Now you know how to Save Two Birds With One Phone.


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