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Rider Review, Working for deliveroo

Experiencing working anywhere vary but with deliveroo it’s busy city roads. Anything can happen, at any moment. That being said, as a self employed rider working to deliver food via the deliveroo app, someone can be expected to earn anything between £12ph +tips upto £16ph +tips. Tips are rare, although i was given a crisp shiny £5 coin. I remember it for the scarcity of the event though other riders had mentioned larger tips.

As I was working through the winter I will endeavour to keep the weather out of the equation. I donned water proofs and tightened my mud guards. Saying that after the first hour or so of grinding between restaurants & drop off points, you stop noticing any weather. It’s part of riding a bike. But it’s something to bare in mind if your not a fan of the rain or when budgeting for work cloths.

Income, How to Earn More Money Working with deliveroo;

1) Be cautious & polite, you never know who is watching or who might give a tip.

2) Remember that you are thier to provide a good service to paying customers. Deliveroo keep stats on riders and you may be penalised if deliveries are late or if items are missing. It’s good practise to just double check with the restaurant that everything ordered is present.

3) Network with other riders & speak to people about further opportunities where possible. Be aware that as you pick up food, you are entering a proffessional environment usually filled with helpful, successful people. Just think of all the restaurant owner’s out thier plus managers. They are highly motivated people with networks of other business people.

4) Also bare in mind that as you deliver food to the customer, you do not know who you will meet, it’s good to have an open mind and listen for any potential business opportunities. Business opportunities in Manchester are the type opening doors for comitted young people. Especially in tech sectors that you may have an interest in or study. Who knows? you may have learnt something in your life that could help. If you do manage to give some well timed & positive advise, this person will remember & more than likely feel as though they would happily reciprocate.

5) Boring but painful not to remember! File your own tax. You will be expected to pay late fees if you dont file your tax return on time. Good news! you will not pay any tax as you can claim back expense for things like work clothes and equipment such as your (bike/phone/lights/repairs). Just keep hold of the receipts for any purchase that you made for things that you need for work.

Moreover, please remember the ‘lifesaver glance’. Fortunately I have never been knocked off my bike but I have crashed motorbikes and you can take it from me, it’s definitely no fun atall (and repairs cost money ofcourse).

Stay safe, look after yourself & look out for others, they will likely look out for you anyway but they will go out of thier way to help you if they know that you are the type of person that looks out for others.

Respect on the journey.


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