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Wealth Increase with Attitude of Grattitude.

Top level winners in life are not always top level earners. Winners set goals and dont give up until the mission is accomplished, often you will meet them during the process. If a goal is to be a top level income earner, then one day the winner will be rich or die trying. In any case they didnt loose because they didnt give up. They are, somehow or another always staying motivated by conciously deciding to be grateful for life and the opportunities each day bring.

By thinking of people or writing down things that cause the feeling of gratitude. With an aim to do this each day, winners can draw positive & productive energy from a powerful emotion. This practise is in fact as easy as meditating on thoughts of what causes the feeling of grattitude. Or the practise could take the form of short sentences;

Today I am grateful for.. being around friends & family.

Today I am grateful for.. something happening that aligns with my goals.

Today i am grateful for.. being free to walk in nature enjoying good health.

As this practise continues its natural to feel beneficial effects such as relaxation, happiness, bliss and generally less stress.

This happens because grattitude is an extremely powerful positive emotion. This emotion changes perception of things for the better, allowing us to recognise lifes value during any given situation even if that situation seems to be a loss. This also destroys any possibility of day to day negatives like complaining about or dwelling on things that cannot be change.

In Tibetan & Indian Buddhism gratitude is the foundation  for everything.
Do you agree?

What are you grateful for right now?

Tibetan & Indian Buddhism teaches us the word ‘Shambhala’ which is thought to be the mythical kingdom of tranquillity undiscovered somewhere in inner Asia.

However if we learn more about this kingdom ‘Shambhala’ we discover that its form, its reallity is as much visionary, and spiritual as it is physical or geographical.

Could Shambhala be a place of perception with in us all?


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